Q, what fascias will be fitted?
HWT Fascias soffits & gutters Quote will be dependent on your current Fascia condition and also the style and colour you like, please see the colours and styles page to help you decide. 
If your woodwork is in good condition then a 9mm Fascia cappit can be simply nailed over your timber fascias.
This is not cutting corners Using "cover" fascia over existing sound timber fascia boards and is more than acceptable.
Infact, its a better job than ripping off the timber and fitting 18mm plastic fascia, a timber fascia is an integral
member in the roof and gives it is strength.

Covering existing fascias is a form of "laminating" which happens throughout the entire home in one way or another
from the ground up, small areas of isolated rot can be cut out completely back to sound timber and the sawn ends treated with timber
preservative prior to capping, see image of capped fascia.
If your woodwork is in poor condition then the original fascias must be removed, this will leave the rafter ends
exposed ready for 18mm plastic to be fitted, The 18mm board is generally used in new built and 'rip-out' situations,
this is a more expensive installation but shouldnt be ingnored, see image of 18mm solid fascia.
Q, Why does my felt underlay need checking ?
Roofing felt under the tiles should be checked at the eaves. Felt often deteriorates at this point and, if necessary, it
should be replaced up to the first batten then fascia trays needs to be fitted to stop the felt sagging between the rafters. 
Ensure that it projects about 3 inches (75 mm) over the fascia and is fitted under the existing felt so that any water runs off
onto the new felt rather than under it.
Q what guarantees do i have?
HWT Fascias soffits & gutters guarantees all its Roofline products for up to 10 years against discolouration, warping, surface
irregularities and cracking, we purchase the best materials from our most trusted manufacturer and all our products have been fitted
according to there recommended specifications. 
 On all our installations we supply our customers with a 10 year guarantee certificate !

Q Why do you lubricate the joints?

Guttering is prone to thermal movement. This causes the irritating "ticking" sound on hot days or when it has just rained that is often

heard. Lubricating the joints allows the guttering to move freely and silently eliminating the "ticking"


Q Can I have water butts installed?

We are very enthusiastic about water butts, especially since the hosepipe ban was introduced locally. We use Rainsava rainwater

diverters (with overflow) for their superior performance and Sankey waterbutts for their rugged construction and aesthetical qualities.